on Saturday, 20 January 2018.

What unique fossils of life
What sculptures
All of our past carved into them
like wearing a piece of history
a testament of who we truly are


Then there's behind
who's there?
what shadow lacing patterns
weaving their unique web
of love & power, 
then diving into
deep waters of despair?
what moments of grace did you live
before the grit rubbed it away
so much lonely weeping
that caught me when sleeping
where it catches us all

Your face sleeps now
& my heart cries
into the soil 
we once danced on
Will your soul wear your face
like a memory badge
or has it forever gone?
blue blue eyes
blackened hair
a bewildered child looking out
inside all that ancient wisdom
held like a broken whisper
silently escaping 
stretching out like a night kite
into the wide blue yonder.


on Saturday, 20 January 2018.


I wish for

crimson light

to pierce

through midnight air

when I go

For the full moon to bathe me

bare boned & free

for tall bells to be ringing

with the voices of the gods


when I leave

Stars resting lightly on my shoulders

lifting this earthly weight

while memories dance

in a swirl of billowing wind

I wish

for the soft touch

of all thats been great

to stroke my face

& a kiss to bless

all whom I've ever loved

For sacred music

to gather inside

like quiet folding prayers

I wish

to look back wistfully

without clinging

for my nails

to turn to feathers

& the feathers

become my wings.


on Tuesday, 29 August 2017.

How can we know?

When it comes

How can we know ?

time falling between the gaps

liquid escaping the vase


We live as though

We might never cross that line

We live as shelled men

Sharpening our weapons

For the fight against death

We live as though

We might never crack

Might never cease to be

As if we know

& then it comes

in a crowded moment

a slow burdened struggle

& always there’s

a whisper repeating


let go…

to no longer hold

this earth between our cramping toes

We live as though

& then it comes

as thunder

as trembling

life fading in slow sheets of sorrow

making a sweet persistent hum

that clings to our shoulders

in a deep & knowing voice

'let go'

shaking us awake

insisting on the


in our belly bowl

However it comes

we don’t know

so let go

is the repeating drumbeat

Of our soul

let go.


on Friday, 25 August 2017.

Stripping your bed

as my heart feels stripped

Dust that I almost want to keep

to pocket a bit of you

inhale your smell deeply

the fragrance of your existence

We’ve weaved this time together

shared intense moments

including all the juddering

we’ve sat in our sorrows

danced in our joys

have spun our love alive

& now the yarn must stretch

over mountain & sea

& the quiet tender leaving

must somehow become

but today I swim through the crying cave

letting the tears wash me down

allowing the sweet pale ache

be there

breathing me back in.


on Sunday, 07 May 2017.

What small thread keeps us together?

Who knits each pattern for our lives?

Should I


Skip or



Circle me

Like the feathers of an eagles wing

Spin me

the richest tapestry of hope

Wear me

hugging close to your skin

Cradle me

in a deep bow of honour

Let me nuzzle

In the crease of your chin

be the sash holding your neck

caressing your cares

so weariness can’t creep close

can’t smother or fight

can’t awaken the beast

But wait

from the deep well

a hooded cry of longing


It thrashes and bites

telling me

the thread must

always be golden

and free


So slowly I unhook myself

remembering my hand

against the arch of your back

will always be there

even when my hand

and your back

are no longer

& the winds of change

moistens the air.


on Wednesday, 26 October 2016.

Blue holds your lonliness

when all else is shut down

and even storms won't let you go

as frightened figures stick to snow

an inky imprint

a shadow running home

with a promise to be held

Purple turning grey

a footprint

a reflection

a lake burdened with desire

no angry fire

just purple turning grey

darkening another day


on Monday, 24 October 2016.

Enfolded in our wings your tears fall

I touch the cloth of gold

that lies limp against the darkened sky

the grief you hold is turning inside out

the love I feel is opening the butterflies wing

let me lick your salty face

take you in a deep embrace

and let the pain fall into it's original place

where all can touch it's beauty

all can see it's stark fragility

and let the skies wind blow

across deserts of sorrow.

Walk naked with me hand in hand

and fly with me over shifting sands

To be with you is like coming home

from seed to flower I have grown

where journeys end and begin

and loves sweet song echo's

come through the house of tears

let go of your deepest fears

and let us join in

the opening of the heart


on Monday, 17 October 2016.

Were you ever there

or did I dream you into existence

from the salty corners of my mind

did angels exhale you

as sunbeams filled out your flesh

did the moon turn you slowly

on the back of her silver tail

Did I hear your laugh echo

through the dark empty valleys

to help paint over my loneliness

Did I feel your breath stroke away my fears

& our limbs wrap in soft joy

as I dance along the trail of remembrance

skipping over the bleak stories

dipping into pools of nectar

sipping the sound

so it trembles my limbs alive

vibrating out into slim strings of air

I breathe in

as the wind carries your ashes

in a great noble hush

over the broad back of the mountain

to the open mouth of the sea.





on Wednesday, 08 June 2016.

Slipping into black waters
hitting hard rock
bones splitting
breath beaten
memories spilling
like milk over dust
a bereaved glance
catches my throat
my heart beats wildly
tearing up silence
How many pages do we turn
before the pages run out?
How many untold lives sit inside us
flapping furiously like bats wings
How many times do we freeze our fortune
because fear is our prisoner

gazing up under half lit eyes
What waits in the echoing room?
Do we have the key?
Or have we given it away
over and over again
to a thousand different begging hands
What makes us the same
& yet like shooting stars we flee
wildly spinning the web of lives.



on Wednesday, 08 June 2016.

Burning memories
the kind that scalds your dreams
like putrified flesh
rising from the deep
body shuddering
as cracking floor boards

gaping wounds
salted by the air
howling winds
bitter & biting
flinging doors wide
when all of you holds on
wants them buried
eaten deep in the earth
wants the scar to finally heal
wants never to feel
crusted forgotten
struggling hidden
shapeless hungry
burning memory


on Thursday, 18 April 2013.

Let the curve of tenderness

curl around my broken heart

so as not to live

within these granite walls


Let the winds of change

peel me back to myself

and the nakedness of being 

dwell inside this pounding fist


Forgive me for not forgiving

and holding onto jagged edges

Bend me like a reed

and let the waters have their will


for not to forgive brittles my bones

as torn up lives can't breathe

shadows hang their forbidden stains

spitting  poison into words


For what is it to forgive? 

but to let the sweetness of the heart song

melt into the wound.



on Sunday, 07 July 2013.

Ocean inside

waves rocking

feeling the ancient

kicking up surfaces

open mouth drinking

into the unknown

wild wind crying

shelling me from inside

I have waited

wailing into the night

have howled

from the craters of my being

have searched empty pockets

whispered into seashells

expecting you to be there

casting a comfort cloud 

as memories fall to stone

under moonscape nights

&  beliefs finally fold inside

I wait in winters long house

for frost on weathered fingers

to melt me back home. 


on Thursday, 18 April 2013.

Take one cup of silence

mix it with mist

Oil the rusty dragon

till it's wild and free

add fragrant fairgrounds

Empty off a cliff

Rub softy with kindness

drop into the deepening night

As you stir in the fragile moonlight

Scoop up the falling child


on Sunday, 28 April 2013.

If we were to walk on frozen air

If we were warm and the dust settled

we could write our news

that holds us close

We could fold in

like animals in love

one breathing one being

our eyes shutting out despair

and feeling the sharp sense

of looming light

arrest our breath

one breathing one being

catching the fall.


on Sunday, 28 April 2013.

The night bites

it's teeth into the truth

gnawing my backbone

revealing clouded clues

I wake to beating bat wings

the fury in my heart

a sharp sudden slicing apart

touching frozen brail

the gate keeper locks up

refusing to wait



rebecca faro